Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New to Blogging!

Hello Everyone! What a beautiful day full of sunshine today. I actually went into town (Allendale) and had to wear my sunglasses! I loved every part of that! That sunshine was so nice and bright today. We have had so much snow here lately that the sunshine was welcomed "warmly". I have been taking some pictures down the long driveway of the wintry weather. There is such a nice blanket of snow on the trees. Here are a few pictures from my yard. I really enjoy being out in the country life. It is so peaceful that I can always hear the birds chirping and watch the animals roam around. We have serveral bunnies, deer, turkey, squirrels, our dog and sometimes the neighbor dog. Sometimes I can even hear the neighbor cows! LOL
Well, hope everyone has a wonderful day! I will have fun learning this new blogging thing!


Mari said...

Welcome to blogland! I must warn you that it can be addictive! I enjoy checking out your posts!

Nancy said...

Hey Shelly you did it, Mari's right it can be addicting but I don't have the bug as much as she does. Have fun with it.

Shelly said...

Hey Mari and Nance, Thanks for the message. I am going to have fun with this. I am sure there will be times that I run out of things to say.