Monday, February 25, 2008

Blue Man Group

We had an awesome time! We get there and there is a guy called Mike Rehlm there doing the scratchy record thing. As he moved the records back and forth the video's that he had would do funny stuff. He played all music from the 80's which was really good. Tom got us great seats so we were not far from the stage. I don't like being on the floor seats because you can't see over peoples heads; so we were in the front row on the side at the VanAndel Arena.

Then the Blue Man Group got up there and they do not say one word throughout the whole show. They are hilarious with all their facial expressions and body movements. When it was time to introduce the band, they got two people out of the audience to read out of a notebook the list of names.

The group did an awesome job and all the percussion equipment that they use is amazing. Different tubes and pvc pipes and other equipment. They even did a scene where they put fake televisions on their head and that was hilarious.

The show was more than I thought it would be. I knew there would be different sounds and music. Did not know that they had other people playing drums, guitars, keyboards and vocals, skits and all kinds of different light shows along with it and costumes.

I would recommend this to anyone who can stand to listen to music really loud. The comedy and entertainment that they provided was worth it. We were laughing so hard sometimes. So hard that you stomp your feet and hit your leg because it was hilarious. There was a guy behind us and his laugh was fun too.

Anyway, gotta get some stuff done around the house. Enjoy your day! God bless!


Mari said...

You are so lucky to see them. They are really funny!

Shelly said...

yeah i thought so too

Nancy said...

Looks like it was a hoot to see... I can just hear you laughing...

Amanda said...

i wanted to go so i will go someday. cause i can tell it was worth it