Monday, March 3, 2008

Prayer for Noah

Hi There,

I just wanted to say that my nephew Noah out in Pennsylvania is having some medical complications. Doctors first thought maybe Leukemia due to a petechia rash so sent him to Children's Hospital. He is in the Hospital and he has some kind of infection behind his eye. Doctors don't know if antibiotic will work or if he will have to have surgery. Please pray for the little goober! Thanks! Here is a picture of the little guy with Shawn. Now you can put a face to who you are praying for. Thanks so much!
Noah is full of life and loves little cars and tractors to play with, just like any little boy. Even though he can't see his cousin Shawn very much, he loves him so much!


Mari said...

He's a cutie. I will pray for him.

Nancy said...

I will add him to my list, make sure you keep us updated on the progress...

Chelle' said...

Hey Shelly- I wanted to catch up with you to ask which Children's he is in... Pittsburgh or Phili?

My niece has spent quite a bit of time in Phili with AML. (Acute Mylogenous Leukemia) To the delight and amazement of her Dr.s she has survived long past what they originally estimated. (They gave her a week she is now 18 months along.)

If your nephew is in Children's of Pitt I would love to extend myself to meeting any needs your family has as I am local to that hospital.

Please contact me if there's anythig I can do..

412.877.4054 (Chelle'... pronounced just like you- Shelly)