Monday, March 17, 2008

Absolutely Incredible Kids!!!!!

Hello! My friend Mari, my little corner of the world, has said that Tuesday is Absolutely Incredible Kids day. So, I decided to join her in showing the pics of my kids. I have two by natural birth and now I also have two step-sons. I always wanted four kids and now I have them. Kids certainly are a joy to have, sometimes they can be challenging, but God has a sense of humor too. It is so interesting how each kids is made up differently and not one is exactly alike. They have similar interests, but yet they are their own individual person.

To the right is a picture of the kids being silly with some red lips that I bought at a candy factory in Indiana. At top is Mitch (step-son), Amanda, Shawn, Mason (step-son) at bottom.

In the next picture is when we went to Mackinaw for camping last August. We try to go up every year around Tom's birthday. We went to see castle rock and see Paul Bunyan and the blue ox. Also, across the bridge we went to the Mystery Spot. That was fun! We have two extra kids in the picture. At top going left to right--Amanda, Matt (Amanda's boyfriend), middle row, Shawn, Mitch, Mason, Connor in front in orange (Tom's sister's boy-our nephew). Climbing up to the top of Castle rock was fun and exhausting at the same time. We all made it. Sometimes the little one's make you nervous being up that high and all. The weather was beautiful when we went there.

In the next picture is when we went out to West Virginia last spring break. We had a great time visiting my Dad and Sister Regina, husband Steve and nephew Steven. It is always nice to go out and visit them and see the nice scenery. My Dad really enjoys showing everyone around. We went down by the New River Gorge and watched the white water rafters going down river, did a lot of hiking and sight seeing. We had a really good time.

Me, Amanda, Shawn, Mason, Mitch and to the right another sightseer!


Naomi said...

Thanks for stopping by to see my great girls. They are fun....but they take after me on the emotional and drama queen side of things. It's never dull in our house.
You kids sound wonderful, what a great blessing to have not only
your own kids but step kids too.
Gods Grace and Love to you

Mari said...

Thanks for posting these picutres of the kids. They are pretty incredible! (So are you!)

Anonymous said...

Great family pictures:)

Lisa said...

What a lovely family! I know it is never a dull momnet at your house. Gotta love kids :) Blessings to you. Lisa

jovialjen said...

I LOVE the lips pic!!! Too funny!