Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Wow! What a morning. I was going to start off by cleaning the basement living area and shampoo the rug and whatnot. Then I noticed the pile and huge Rubbermaid container of pictures that I had started a couple weeks ago. I would do a little organizing of the pictures every so often and then I noticed that I was tired of them sitting there today. Those pics kept looking at me and yelling--"WOULD YOU PLEASE ORGANIZE US?" So, I listened. LOL

Now I started doing this at 9am and ended around 12:30pm. So, that will show you how many pics that I actually have and had not organized yet. Now, they are in the little photo boxes that I bought. I think I am going to buy me a desk for upstairs so I can keep my photos in one area and do all my scrapbooking there. If I had it layed out easier then it would make it a lot nicer to just go do a little every now and then.

I have to put Amanda's photo album together for next year. Since she graduates next year, I need to get started on that. This will be a busy year. Planning for the graduation and all that jazz. Senior pics, etc. It will be an expensive year too. YIKES!!!!

Well, I have my music cranked and I better get to cleaning some of the house now.
It is nice having the windows cracked and getting some fresh air in the house. Sweating too much otherwise! LOL

God bless you all!


Lisa said...

I have a senior next year too. I love to turn up the music open the windows and clean. It looks like rain here today but it will wash away some of the pollen.I hope you have a wonderful day:)
God Bless. Lisa

Jennifer said...

Poor Zack, he probably won't have much of a picture scrapbook ready for his graduation party next year. I will attempt but I tend to procrastinate.

Mari said...

I was all caught up with my scrapbooking when Andy graduated last year, and now I'm way behind again. I need to do what you did and just spend some time doing it!
Good thing you're comeing back to work - that'll help pay for that Senior stuff and make me happy too!

Nancy said...

I have a grandson graduating this year too, Isn't that a hoot!!! Can't believe "George" is that beautiful young lady I see now days!!!