Monday, March 31, 2008


Connor Bo Bonner!!!!

Mason doing a fine job.

The hunt was so much fun for all the kiddies. All the kids enjoyed it and the adults had fun watching them look all over. Grandpa Vandlen hid the golden eggs really well and it took the kids a while to find them. They found two and the other four after a while of searching had to have clues and play hot and cold. What a riot!

Grandpa Vandlen
This is Lindey and Seth in background. Big smile!

Shawn on the hunt, wonder if he got 92 eggs?.

The gang sorting out their eggs.

This is Case enjoying the yellow egg. He likes to put it in his mouth.
Aaron, Tom, and Rod waiting for the food. LOL

Ted and Kara waiting for the hunt to begin. Notice the bunny ears on Ted have kinda lost their perkyness!
Sommer hunting for the eggs. Had to get another bag because her basket runneth over.
Good Butt shot of the adults. LOL Jaeden and Ellie having fun.

Roselle and Isaac. He is so cute! He has such a cute smile and he loved getting the eggs too.

I am so glad that everyone came and had a great time. Even though Easter is not about the egg, bunnies etc., the kids have a blast! That is what life is about, having fun!


Cheri said...

What fun- I'm sure the kids did love it. Did you have to take notes to remember where you hid them all?
Little Case is such a cutie!

Ryan Parrish said...

Cool sounds like everyone had a lot of fun I need to schedule an appointment with Shelly's Neighborhood Barber Shop

Mari said...

What a fun thing for everyone! And - you had good weather!

Nancy said...

I heard you had a great time, from Faith. Looks like lots of kids & lots of fun... You picked the right day too, good weather!!!