Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snap into Fitness!

Hi There!
Just wanted to tell everyone that I have joined a workout gym called Snap Fitness. The place that I go to is located in Allendale and have worked out the past week. I like all the equipment that is available to work out with. Just working there this past week, I have noticed how much easier some of the equipment is getting. For example, the elliptical machine. Never ever did one of those before and the first time I was on it was just to figure it out and struggled with just five minutes. It is a different kind of machine and really works out the legs in a strange yet satisfying way. My feet kept slipping from where they started had to keep readjusting that. Now the funny part is when I went to stop. I thought okay, let's stop. Well, my feet and mind wanted to stop but the machine takes a little bit to stop. It will keep pedaling gradually, so that was kinda funny. Good thing I wasn't going very fast. I could have flew off there. LOL Seriously though. I spend an hour and a half there with my friend Faith and we have fun and now my daughter is going to she can get a jump start on getting in shape for track. I like all the weight equipment too. The arm stuff seems easy to me. I could put on more poundage to lift, but I don't want my muscles to get sore and I want to be able to do more reps. If you want, come and join me!


Mari said...

Faith told me about this - it sounds like a good place! I am laughing at the thought of you flying off the elliptical machine! If anyone could do it, it would be you!

Nancy said...

We heard all about the two of you sweating away, but I say bravo to you for trying to get in shape.. Luck of the Irish to ya!!! You go girl

Deb said...

Awesome, you two are crazy together, what fun!!