Monday, March 10, 2008

Noah Update

I just wanted to let you all know that Noah is doing fine and will be heading back to preschool. He was at the children's hospital in Pittsburgh and found out that he had an infection that was in his sinuses and then went through a hole that went behind his eye. The doctor's had to go in and drain that and make the original hole bigger so it would drain normally. I am so glad that God was watching out after this little fella. God provides comfort and care in so many ways. Thank you Lord for your comfort and protection over Noah.


Chelle' said...

PRAISE THE LORD. And let that be a lesson to me to read from the bottom up.

If the family needs anything... let me know. :0)

Chelle' said...

oops... I meant to write to not read from the bottom up lest I respond to things with questions that have already been answered above that post.