Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to Two 13 year olds!

Around our house we have two boys that have birthdays close to each other. Mitch is in January and Shawn in in May. Two Thirteen year old kids in the house after May. Look out when they both start driving at the same time. I think I need to get a job!
Our friends, The Parrish Family have a nice, sweet young lady that is now 13 too. Her name is Kara. Mitch's Birthday is the day before Kara's. We like to have supper together and go out bowling afterwards to celebrate Mitch and Kara's Birthday. Here are a few pictures of our fun night. Mitch and his bowl of dirt cake.
Kara and her bowl of dirt cake.
Went bowling and had a lot of fun.

This is Mitch and Shawn.

Here we have, Brittnay, Kara, Amanda and Mason.
Here is Brittnay, Amanda and Kara.

I am really not sure about the young lady in the middle. Looks a little crazy to me. LOL

I cannot believe how quick the years go by. At first you want them to talk, then walk, etc and now you want them to be still and listen. LOL
Nah, they are great kids. These next years will go by so fast and I am sure that we will treasure every year.


Mari said...

That's a lot of teenagers! Looks like a fun night. You guys know how to celebrate!

Nancy said...

Oh my, I bet you have a noisey household!!!Looks like you had a fun nite.. Happy birthday all you teens!!!!