Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow, snow, and more snow!

This was Thursday during the day. Today we are suppose to get a good amount of snow. I have only seen a few flakes falling at times today. Kinda like yesterday, where it would snow really hard, then let up, snow lightly and then snow really hard again. We must have got around 4 inches of snow yesterday.

Last night I was able to hook up three sleds to my quad and pull the kids up and down the driveway trying to tip them over. All four kids had so much fun. I did too! There were times when I was laughing so hard!

It was fun to try and spill the kid on the third (last) sled. That one has the most fun! I make them go back and forth/side to side and then we went through the yard and tried to hit the high bank of the garden area. The garden area in the summer was not a garden but a turn around and "make donuts" for the quads. So, there was a pretty high bank from the dirt being pushed up from doing that all summer. The kids were like 'yeah' then 'oh no' then 'wow-that was fun'.

It is hard to get a close up of a snow flake. The snow was coming down so fast when I tried. As you can see there were a few big flakes. Some of my friends my think I am a big flake. LOL

This is Sadie and Calie sharing Sadie's bed. Or should I say mainly Calie's bed. Sadie will always let Calie take over. It is cute watching. Sadie will be on the bed already and Calie does this thing with her feet to make the spot comfy. Then she lays down. They are such good friends!
In the winter Sadie does not like to be out in the snow and cold very much. She would rather be inside. Unless, we are outside too. For example, when I ride my quad, she likes to chase me and bark along the side at times. She thinks it is a game. I am the only one she does this with. So, last night when I pulled the kids on the sleds with my quad, she would run up and down along the side like she was a big part of all the fun too. We have a pretty long driveway and good size yard, but, she kept right up. Then later that night, she did crash out!
Looking forward to see how much snow we might get today. As it looks right now, not very prosperous!

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Mari said...

Yes - you are a flake!
Your snow pictures are pretty. Where did you shoot the header shot?