Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Memory lane with the Family

I am going to go down memory lane for a little bit.
I have to find more pictures from some family members. As I do not have very many from the past and sure would like to have some copy's of some. These pictures were from my childhood.
My cousin Andy

This is Laurie.

This is Jonna.
The above three kids belong to my Auntie Jan (my Mom's sister) and Uncle John
This is Sheila and Grandma Myrt
We like to call Grandma Myrt--Grandma Myrtle the Turtle when she was still with us here on earth. This is John

This is Tina Ree
The above three kids belong to Mom's brother Phil. I don't remember Sheila's Mom's name. John and Tina's Mom is Chris or we called her Aunt Tina.

This family is Mom's sister Carol or we like to call her Aunt Sis.
Grandma Myrt, Kim, Uncle Bob, Chris, Mike, Leslie, Aunt Sis

This is a picture of me!
Yep that is me!
Was cute then, what happened? LOL
I will try to find some more old pictures to share. I only have a few of what my Dad gave to me.

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Mari said...

What fun pictures! It's great to see those old pictures.