Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shelly's Winter Photoshoot Jan 10, 2011

Sadie and I went out for a walk around our yard and I was enjoying taking pictures as she was enjoying sniffing around and playing in the snow. By my previous post you noticed some pictures that I had taken yesterday too. The hoarfrost was amazing. Sure does make everything look different. After taking pictures around the house, I decided to head out to Grand Haven Michigan to get some photo shots out on the lake shore of Lake Michigan.

This is the ice building up on the shoreline. You see this right when you get out to the pier.

The above picture is of ice build up on the lighthouse at the end of the pier.

When you are walking out to the pier this is the little light on the North side of the pier when you enter the channel.

This tree seems very lonely. Even though there are many branches to keep it company, it still stands alone. Actually, this is not far from the beach house/restroom. I thought the tree was pretty. Sometimes I feel alone, but then there are so many people in my life that are important and make things all better. Just like that tree. The trunk is the strong part--could be God, the tree grows and has many branches. God put these branches in our lives. He made it so we had many paths to take and many people to cross our paths. Thanks be to God for all He has provided.
This is a beautiful duck. There were several out on the lake. This one was in the channel with a few other ducks.
On the boardwalk out to the pier you notice this building that hold boats--I believe.
Check out that ice build up on it! Isn't that awesome!
Again a picture of the little light on the N side. I thought I would be tricky and take this picture through a life ring. The life rings are located all along the pier to use when someone is in need of help or in danger. Once you pull the ring off, a little blue light will light up and will call our wonderful USCG (United States Coast Guard--as we like to call Coasties!)
It is not good when they have to go out to save someone, but we are all grateful that they are ready and available when someone needs them. It is amazing watching them in action too.
The ice looked like broken glass!
The sound of this crashing against the other ice pieces was a neat sound.

Well, I made it out to the end of the pier with careful footsteps. There was a lot of ice built up on the pier and with just a dusting of snow cover. At times there were chunks of ice or really big ice balls. So, just have to maneuver slowly and cautiously. Then the next things that you would see is what I am about to show you.
The above picture has the amazing big rock boulders at the West edge of the pier.
This ice build up is on the lighthouse itself. It attached itself to the railing and made such beautiful formations.
This is the Grand Haven, MI Lighthouse.
This is what you see when you make it all the way to the end. It is a nice walk out to this spot. When the lake is calm, like it was yesterday, it is a very pretty site. On windy and high wave occasions, it is most likely that you will not get to the end unless you want to get soaked. The waves crash against this area so hard at times.

This is the view that the lighthouse always gets to see. How beautiful!
Kinda like going to the ocean except for a few things. Not salt water is one. We are privileged to view this and look so far that it seems like there is not an ending. Like it goes on forever!
This is so cool! I am so glad that I was able to make it out there.
Another bonus, nobody was in the picture except for what I wanted in the picture.

I set my camera up on an ice ball and walked carefully over to get in the picture. Good thing I had it set on Ten seconds. HA HA HA HA

This is the light on the way back from the house!
Hope you all enjoyed a look at my pictures and me rambling on. It was such a nice day, that I had to take advantage of taking some photos!


Mari said...

I love these! I'm going to have to visit GH and see how things are looking in the ice. It does scare me to walk on the pier in the ice though.

Nancy said...

Fantastic shots !!! and I love the analogy you used explaining the tree, life is like that and so is God!