Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Anyone have any towels that are shredding or falling apart? Try looking at the site at the right of my blog under the clock. Time has run out for your old shabby bath towels, cleaning towels, or whatever you may need in the linen dept. There are other items on the site you can take a look at too. I have had flour sack towels for a long time now and love cleaning with them. No streaks in the windows after cleaning. No streaks on the flat top stove or appliances. Leaves a nice shine instead of a smeared look. I liked these towels so much, that I have invested in some bath towels, washcloths, and hand towels. I love them! They hold up so good and after many washings, they get more fluffy and last a long time. I have a towel, must have had five years now and it does not shred or break apart. GREAT QUALITY!

This company http://americanchairstore.com/ ACS has great customer service. And great quality of product. Take a look and see if you like or need anything. It is well worth it.

Enjoy your day!


Mari said...

I'm glad you put their web address on your site. I have a few of those flour sack towels and they are great. I'll have to try some regular towels.

A Stone Gatherer said...

I've never heard of flour sack towels, but I can sure use something that doesn't streak! Thanks!

Lisa said...

Oh, Thanks for sharing this, I am always looking for towels that don't streak.

Nancy said...

Oh yes I have some flour sak towels too and really like the way they hold up. good thinkin Shelly to put it on your blog.