Saturday, April 5, 2008

Great day!

Had a wonderful afternoon outside and not having to wear a sweatshirt or coat. I got to clean up the rest of the flower beds and whatnot. Shawn was outside playing while I did all of this and the air was so nice and the sun beating down was great to feel its warmth again. I still have to clean up the piles. Had to wait for Tom to take the blower off of the lawn tractor so I could use that with the trailer that I attach to it. I will have to finish that up Monday or something. Had some friends come over tonight and we cooked out, kids were making a fort in the woods and we adults played a couple games of sequence. Yes, Ted and Tom, beat Faith and I again.

Have a great day tomorrow!


Mari said...

It sounds like the perfect Saturday. I love to get some things accomplished, but then to have fun with friends, really tops the day off!

Deb said...

Don't ya just love this weather???!!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend:) Tell Faith hello for me:)
God Bless

Nancy said...

I soooo, soooo, did I tell you, sooo, loved today's weather. I did a little yard work myself but got lots more to go.. You & Faith better bone up on your game so you can beat those boys!!!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Saturday. It,s so nice to be able get out and enjoy the weather and work in the yard.

Joanne said...

Goodness, my boys would love to make a fort in the woods. What blessed memories they will have.

To answer your question, Wordless Wednesday is when you put a picture on your blog without words. You let the photograph speak for itself. There is actually a website called Wordless Wednesday that you can link back to if you'd like.

Blessings, Joanne