Friday, April 4, 2008


What a beautiful day! We have had a nice steady rain last night and the sun is out now. This weekend will be good for cleaning out the landscape bedding. I am excited to work in the yard now. It will be nice to be outside in the fresh air and preparing the yard.
I wondered why my husband wasn't in the bed last night and this is what he said--he said that I was like in a boxing match last night. Wondered what I was dreaming about. He said I actually hit him in the back and kneed him where a man would not want to be kneed. I cannot believe that. It is so strange when we dream about something and sometimes our body will physically act out. CRAZINESS!!!
Does anyone have a story about when they were dreaming and anything interesting or unusual happen?


Jennifer said...

Mark played football from 2nd grade through 4 years of college. When we were first married I would often be woken up from him "playing football" is his sleep. He also ripped a pillow out from underneath my head while I was sleeping and it scared the bajeebies out of me. He had slept right through doing it I had to wake him up to get my pillow back from him.

Jennifer said...

Here is another one from my parents. My father is like an 8th degree black belt and is also a Karate instructor. He was dreaming that he was in a real fight with someone and was holding him down on the ground ready to punch him. He was woken up by my mother yelling "JOHN WAKE UP" to find that he was above her with his fist pulled back ready to punch her. Now you would think it would have scared my mother enough to sleep in a different bed for awhile but it actually upset my father more when he thought of the damage he could have done to her in his sleep. No more Chuck Norris movies for him.

Mari said...

My Dad kicked my Mom a few times while playing baseball in his sleep. I haven't had anything happen to me and I don't think I've hit Bob either!

Nancy said...

No funny things have happened to me but sweet man claims I snore so loud it wakes him up so he puts ear plugs in every night!!! Can you imagine that I never hear me snore!!! LOL

Jonatha said...

It seems like I always have weird dreams that wake me up! They seem so real and it takes a few minutes for me to realize it wasn't real. Thanks for stopping by - I look forward to reading more of your blog!

Anonymous said...

My hubby sobbed in his sleep as he had a bad dream, then he started to yell. He doesn't believe me:)
Have a great weekend:)