Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A day in Grand Haven

I had some errands to do today and thought I would take my camera with me and take a couple shots of the Grand Haven Lighthouse. It was cooler outside so I did not take a lot of shots. I parked by the Bill Mar Restaurant and took pics with my 300mm lens. I did not zoom in all the way either. Here are a couple shots for you to look at.

I really enjoy taking pictures!

The reason I went out to Grand Haven in the first place is because we have a friend of my daughter's living with us and she was raised with a lot of disadvantages. She has been sheltered and held back in so many ways and we thought we would try to help her get out into the real world and out on her own. So today, I helped take her to some places to fill out some applications. I pray that she will get a better job and will be able to get out on her own. I know she wants this too but does not know how to go about getting there.

We went into a local art store. There were several paintings that someone has done and also photographic pictures too. Thought to myself was that I could do that. Not the painting, but taking the pictures. I love doing that anyway.

I could not zoom this all the way into 300mm because I would not have gotten the whole shot in.

I might show you more pictures that I have taken in the upcoming year. Just trying to experiment with my camera and get to know it better.


A Stone Gatherer said...

I love to take pictures too! Mostly of lighthouses or my kids!

Mari said...

Those are good - I love taking pictures too and Lighthouses are a great subject!