Friday, May 2, 2008

Baseball Fever!!!!!

This is Shawn swinging away at a ball.
Shawn has fun, he has played since 5yrs old. The boys are TEN now.

This is Mitchell swinging away at a ball.

This is Mitch in the ready position in RF.
Mitch is having fun, this is his first year playing baseball. He seems to like it so far.

This is Shawn catching a fly ball at second base. I was like, hey that fly ball is heading towards Shawn, I hope he catches it. Got my camera up real quick and snapped it. Lookie in the glove. There is a white object with red stitching--that be called the baseball that was hit. hahaha

I know the boys are having a good time playing ball. I am having fun watching them. After all, softball is my all time favorite sport. I have played since 6Th grade.

They have an awesome coach. He works so well with all the boys and explains things to them and has a very good personality. I guess he use to play baseball for Notre Dame. Way to go!!!


Mari said...

You got some great shots! Those little league games are so much fun!

Jennifer said...

Shoot, we would probably have to request a different team if we got that coach. Mark has told Zack that if he wants him to visit him in college then he should go to anywhere except Notre Dame. Mark roots for Michigan State (where he played football)and anyone playing against Notre Dame. We have a close friend that the kids call Uncle Ed who loves Notre Dame and was trying to convince Zack what a great choice that would be. LOL!

A Stone Gatherer said...

The boys of summer! Looks like they are enjoying themselves! It's a fun night going to the ballpark for the family too!

Nancy said...

What fun Shelly to see the boys play the game you love. I remember when we had that team from work, that was fun...Great pictures..

Megan said...

Hi Shelly! Thanks for the sweet comment! :) These are great action shots!!! (P.S. about that most recent post... I think I'm a sucker for black & white photos. That one is my fave, but they all look good!) Have a great weekend!

Mel's World said...

We LOVE baseball at our house too! As a matter of fact my oldest, Nick, has a Championship game tonight. His team is in first place in the division (YEAH!) and now they are fighting for the CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

It's so much fun, at any age, but we have enjoyed the 13-15 year old league the best. They make some really great plays and are very serious about it. ( all time favorite was when he was 3, but you know why...they were just too stinkin' cute running all over the place together.)