Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Family Fishing Frenzy

This is Mitch. He had a great time fishing!

This is Tom fixing the fishing line. Great job Dad!

This is Mason (yellow) and Mitch. The boys sure had a great time fishing. They caught five sunfish total. One was at least 6 inches long. Tom was lucky. When he took a fish off the hook, he was able to squeeze out some eggs. So, we did put all the fish back at the end.

This is Shawn with the last catch of the night. Such a cute little fishy.

As I walked down the driveway this is what I saw.
How cute is that when they are all bonding like that?!

Here I am! I only put the line in a couple times and the fish were nibbling on the fake worm then I let Shawn finish with the pole and then we went in for the night.

Here is Amanda. She couldn't handle not knowing what was going on, so she came down from the house to have some fun too.
Mason and Shawn. They must like each other!
We had a great time fishing in the pond.
Does anyone have any fun fishing stories?


Mari said...

We aren't into fishing in our family but my Dad is a big fisherman. When Laura was about 3 he took her out onto a lake, early one morning. (we were at a cottage with them) He got her up and dressed, spent about 45 minutes getting things loaded on the boat and motoring out to the right spot. When the poles were in the water and the fishing was ready to begin, what do you think he heard? "I have to go potty!" Back they came and when he headed back out, she stayed behind!
PS - the fire pit looks great!

Anonymous said...

You all look like your having a great time, great pictures:)

Megan said...

These are GREAT pics! Fishing is so relaxing to me, love it! I wish I were right there, it's so pretty!