Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Alright, I just checked to see if I did the linky party right and it did not work. But, if anyone is interested in checking out the people I tagged, they are at the right in my blogger land and can click there. Still things to learn. I still love ya, even if I didn't get it right! hahaha

I have recently been tagged by Lisa at A Place to Land and thought that I would tag as many as I could in my blogger land.

1. Mari--You are an awesome person! I am happy that I know you. Love ya! My Little Corner of the World I am proud to say that you are my friend.

2. Nancy--Just like Mari, I have known you for several years and am proud to have you as a friend. Love ya! In my neck of the woods

3.Amanda--My dearest, sweetest daughter-I love you with all my heart and am so blessed that God has given you to me to bring up in this world. You have been a blessing to me.The Untold Story .

4.Lisa--My blogging friend. I am glad that I am getting to know you and enjoy looking at your blog and am encouraged at times by reading it A Place to Land .

5.Matt--I have known Matt since he has been dating my daughter and am happy to have him around and love his optimistic: upbeat attitude

6.Jen--To my sister-in-law (round one). I love ya with a whole heart! You have been such an encouragement to me and you are such a joy to be around. Glad you are my family. We Wobbulous Weltons-jovialjen

7.Jennifer --I have known you since blogging with Mari and am happy to know you and to see your smiling face at church once in a while. We have kids that are in the same class and I have seen you around before, but am proud to say that I know you now.

8.Kim--at Stone Gatherer also goes to my church and she always has a smile on her face. I am looking forward to getting to know her more.

9.Joanne--I also enjoy reading Joanne's blog and am encouraged. Enjoying getting to know so blessed

10.Deb--I have known you for several years also. Happy to say that I do. I always enjoy her blog also. She always has uplifting and encouraging words. Riding Free with Deb

To all my other friends and family who do not blog. I also love you. You all know who you are.

Enjoy your day, always smile, it makes people think you are up to something sometimes. LOL


Jennifer said...

Awww! What a GREAT award!
Hugs to you!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the award. I enjoy your reading your blog and getting to know you better. (((Hugs))) Lisa~

Mari said...

Well aren't you sweet! That's a really cute award. I'm so glad you're having fun blogging. Love you too!

Deb said...

Thanks Shelly, You my friend are such a sweety, so glad you are blogging so we can keep in touch:)Love ya,

Honest to Ya~Ya said...


I'm visiting from Mari's place!

Your blog looks chock full of adventures...I hope you don't mind if I visit often!

Have an awesome day!☺