Sunday, May 4, 2008


Hello everyone!

My friend Ted from emailed me and said that if anyone is interested in posting his website on their blog he would send them a free towel gift package.

You can email him through his website too. Tell him that I sent you and you wanted to put his web site on your blog. He knows to check my blog and if anyone is interested can write me on there.
I guarantee that you will enjoy these towels. I love them!



Mari said...

Faith asked me about this and I was going to try one and put it on my site. I have used the flour sack towels and they are great!

Lisa said...

Thanks for posting about the towels. I will have to check them out. Have a Blessed day. Lisa

Nancy said...

Ok shelly I posted some stuff on my blog about the americanchairstore so check it out.

Melissa said...

I'll check it out and post it on my blog :)

Shelly said...

THanks to everyone who has been posting the americanchairstore on their blog.

Megan said...

Hi! Thanks for the little note-- I don't know. It's definitely time to say bye-bye to Jason Castro. And I think it'll probably be between the two Davids in the end. I love David Archuletta, he's amazing! But I think David Cook has a big fan base and he could probably sell something mainstream. But I think my vote is for Archuletta. :) What about you?