Thursday, May 8, 2008

Softball and Friends

Hello There!

Boy did I have an awesome time visiting with my friend from long ago and watching her twins play ball! I also enjoyed the visit with them as a family after the game. I have known Karen for 25years and that is a long time for a great friendship. It was so nice seeing everyone again, reminiscing, laughing, talking, enjoying each others company. (the pictures you can click on to enlarge).

This is Kaitlyn with another awesome hit. She hit it way out in the outfield. Then she got to second. You can see the pics as I photographed her running to the base. Also, Kait was hitting well all afternoon. She kept getting hit after hit. Triples even! She made some awesome catches out in center field. On one fly ball, she ran all the way into Left field and caught it on the run. Sooo FAST! Great catch Kait.

Here she is going past first and on her way to second.

The arrival and a small break till the next hit.

This is Nicole (Colie), she is a great pitcher. I would say that 95-98%of her pitches are strikes, if not, they are so close that you would not want to let it go by. She winds up and delivers!

Colie pitching again. In this picture you can see to the left of the picture the bat hitting the bright yellow ball. So cool! That is Kait in Center field behind Colie.

They have been on varsity all four years of High School and do a tremendous job.

Great job girls!


Mari said...

What a fun night! Isn't it fun to reconnect?

Nancy said...

So nice you can meet up withold friends and enjoy families. Looks like a fun evening.

Shelly said...

IT was great! This is my kind of thing to do. I am so content watching ball it is crazy. I even had to yell out to the refs. LOL Someone must have spread some peanut butter in his eye.

I missed my friends and was glad to reconnect to them.

Deb said...

How wonderful to meet again. Happy for you:) Have a Blessed Mothers Day

Anonymous said...

Hey lady - wow - That was pretty fast you got that up on your blog. That was great. It was as though we were back in high school wasn't it? hahaha! I remember we had such a great team then, a team that help create a bond of friendship that lasts through time! Remember the song..we are Family? We used to play many of those songs during practice, and it did feel much like family. The girls ask me lots of times about what it was like to play on such a disciplined well coached team. Glad to see you - it was great! Take care my friend! Hugs, Karen