Friday, May 2, 2008

Sickness in the House

Hi Everyone!

The fun begins! One little fella, Mason, stayed home yesterday because when he went to the bathroom he has the runs. I believe that is why they call it the runs, because you have to run to get to the toilet because the fluid is flowing out your hiney!!!!!

Today he wakes up and is vomiting. Not fun for him and makes a miserable day. Then comes up and is crying thinks he is going to vomit again, nothing happened. Wants water. Sorry buddy, have to have ice chips because if you put liquid in there all at once your stomach is not going to like it. Then comes up, can I have something to eat. Sorry buddy, in a little while see how you do then will get you some toast. Okay! I know if he puts something in his stomach he will just hurl it up and that will not be fun for him. So, we are waiting patiently till he can have something. I have been around kids enough to know that these things happen. Because they want something to eat and then here it comes!!!!!

Tom text me from work and said that a guy he works with son is sick like that too. So, it is going around. BEWARE of this awful fun time! Then my daughter text me from school and said her stomach feels kinda upset. So, she was going to come home. Well, she is not here yet. She was also going to go away for the weekend to her boyfriends house and wants to still go. We will see if she is sick or what? No one wants to stay home if they had plans to do something.


Jennifer said...

oh yuck!

Mari said...

Oh no! I was hoping that stuff was gone for a while. After all - it's Spring! Hope no one else gets it.

Shelly said...

I was hoping it did not come around either. Mason had a classmate vomit right in class. You know how little kids don't wash their hands that often even though we keep telling them.